We work on increasing social awareness of tourism and its impacts and hope to build a more holistic perspective on tourism in public discourse. We house an excellent public resource centre of materials built from over 33 years of work on tourism issues, accessed by partners, independent researchers, students & media persons. We also work with educational institutes to expand the same awarenss building into classrooms and their curriculae.

EQUATIONS has housed extensive library of books, journals, reports and articles that are specific to tourism and developmental issues since its inception. Over the last 30 years we have produced and collected a wealth of knowledge and information around issues of tourism, development, communities, ecologies and evolving state policy.

These resources, made accessible to the larger development, activist and research communities for reference and borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to these and other material through our website and physical library. We constantly purchase new resources, bring materials back from our travels and download and collate relevant online resources and reports.

ANLetter was EQUATIONS’ newsletter. We produced it until 2000 and it aimed to increase awareness of the impacts of tourism, especially on local communities at tourism destinations, and the necessity to make tourism development non-exploitative, equitable and sustainable. The articles were made up of contributions by EQUATIONS staff team, those commissioned by us, and featured articles from other sources that provided a basis for action and change at both the policy and ground level.

We work hard to persuade media houses/people to cover more critical perspective on tourism, establish authority on the subject, provide materials and contacts to enable reportage. At EQUATIONS, we encourage industry professionals and organisations to adopt more sustainable practices, push educators (particularly tourism educators) to include more critical perspectives in their teaching practices, provide materials for both teachers and students to enable this here.

Our efforts to spread awareness on the issues that plague tourism development and help movements on the ground gain access to advocacy and campaign materials has built confidence in communities around our intentions, efficacy and results.