Create & Connect:

A comprehensive workshop on Community and Alternate Media

Create & Connect: A comprehensive workshop on Community and Alternate Media
2nd to 4th May 2018

The fourth pillar of Indian democracy, media, has witnessed tremendous growth and reach. News has become an integral part of every citizen of India.. Now a day’s, journalism focuses only on that information which will help  news organisations to make money. There is a discrepancy in news coverage even for metro cities and urban India where business, politics and glamour dominate the print and broadcast media.

There are many stories to be told about ‘the India’ that is not seen by commercial media- where a lot of newsworthy things are happening. We need to know and tell these stories. We as teachers, activists, and NGO practitioners need to bring these  stories/ issues into public focus. We need to narrate our stories, talk about our issues, our achievements, our efforts and voice our opinions. “Community media is one of the ways that can be used to address the problems that commercial media is posed with”.

Environment Study Centre  and EQUATIONS have come together to organise a workshop on community media to enable us as  teachers, activists, and NGO practitioners  to bring these  stories/ issues into public focus. To allow us to work together through different tools of community media,  The theme of tourism has been chosen as it is a topic that cuts across many different subjects and is also bound to connect to most participants who may have been tourists themselves or living in tourist areas or may be working on related issues such as environment, governance, democratic rights, gender, children etc.

The workshop will be conducted at a camp base in Hosagadde in the Sharavathy Wildlife area. A field visit to a tourist place nearby for practice is part of the agenda. We would like you to be part of this workshop to share your stories and equip yourself with the skills in producing community media.

We expect that people from diverse groups  - community representatives from Karnataka, civil society groups/ organisations, academicians and activists will participate in the workshop.

A contribution of Rs.500 is solicited towards food and accommodation. Though this would be welcome, it can be waived off  in special circumstances.

We hope you will be able to participate in the workshop and give your valuable contribution.

Venue Address: Hosagadde Village, Shivamogga district, Karnataka

Date: 2nd to 4th of May, 2018.

Registrations close on : 25th April 2018.

Contact Janardhan: +91 9480431983

           Kavitha    : +91 8197693708

           Nayana    :  +91 9945803179

Environment Study Centre & Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS)

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Hosagadde Village, Shivamogga district, Karnataka
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