The 'Blue Economy' has become the buzzword of the last decade, promising economic growth, environmental conservation and community development through focus on ocean resources. But contrary to the win-win-win narrative, our research in India shows that the Blue Economy is all about increasing investment, taking industrialisation farther and deeper into the oceans. Tourism is one of the sectors promoted under the Blue Economy, and we find that tourism under the Blue Economy is proving disastrous to the ecology and to coastal communities, particularly fishworkers. Rather than the current capital driven model of tourism that is being practiced under the Blue Economy, we need a complete reimagination to a community and ecology centered form of tourism for coastal and marine spaces. 
These resources document the findings of more than three years of our research in 5 sites across 3 states, as well as secondary research on coastal and marine tourism under the Blue Economy in India. 
Local Regions/Cities
Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu