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Caught In The Legal Mesh

July 05, 2017
India has strong legislation in place to protect children from sexual exploitation. However, this has not translated into child-friendly practice for accessing justice, in particular the criminal justice system. Instead, these children continue to face unique and powerful barriers that prevent them from accessing justice for the crimes committed against them. 
This study examines the experiences of children in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal and provides insights on their access to the justice system as well as judicial processes themselves.

B(r)eached Governace

December 15, 2016
This report is an attempt to understand the ground realities of local self governance and the say of the local communities in tourism in terms of their participation in policy making, tourism planning, project implementation, and regulating tourism and related activities.

Study on LGBT And Tourism

October 10, 2016
Social construction of gender recognises only two sexes male and female which is based mainly on the reproductive paradigm where two people from the opposite sex come together to produce a new citizen.Belief in this paradigm sets the very basis for heterosexual norms for the society which determines behaviour of people in society. This binary concept of gender leaves no space for people to understand that the linkage between sex and gender is socially constructed and not the natural one.