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Women's day Special 2022

Equality in Tourism: Creating Change for Women
Happy International Women’s Day! The theme for IWD 2022 is #BreakTheBias. It asks us to consider our experiences of gender bias and what we can do to break it. Our answer: Every woman has a story. Check out our introductory post to find out more about what we’re doing this year and why.
The first stage of our journey takes us to Kenya, Spain and India where we hear from the Kenya Association of Women in Tourism, Albasud and Equations (Equitable Tourism Operations). Each woman has a unique perspective on gender bias in the tourism industry: from financial difficulties to undervalued care work.
The first campaign post is up! With videos from Dorcas in Kenya, Carla in Spain and Yashika in India. Please share / like/ comment / let people know!