EQUATIONS is governed by a General Body (GB) which currently has 11 members. The GB elects a Managing Committee (MC) consisting of the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, the MC has one ex-officio member-  the Director

  • President – Prof. V S Elizabeth
  •  Secretary – Mr. K T Suresh
  •  Treasurer – Mr. Mahesh Lobo
  •  Member - Mr. T T Sreekumar
  •  Member - Ms. Anita Cheria

Ex officio members to Committee Meetings are:

  •  Joyatri Ray


EQUATIONS aims to align its work culture and systems to its vision and core values. The belief in the potential of people has guided our form of organisation, our structures and processes. We believe that our core values of justice, equity, people centeredness, democratisation and dialogue should be experienced and evident to those who work with us and who engage with us in any way.

EQUATIONS  adopts strong principles of working with collective leadership, lots of autonomy, but also high levels of peer accountability, transparency and communication.

Members of the EQUATIONS Board